Cardano energy consumption

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Are you interested in how Cardano PoS is different from Bitcoin PoW? There are many significant differences and both projects are different advantages and disadvantages. Let's compare them from energy-efficiency side.

Consumption per device 45W
Unique relays 471
Pools 1,317
Estimated Bitcoin yearly consumption 253,300 GWh
Estimated unique devices * 508
Estimated yearly consumption 0.200 GWh
Cardano versus Bitcoin efficiency 1,266,501x

* Based on our live relay analysis. Some pools have 5 relays, others share some relays together, others run multiple pools on a single device, some have more relays under one DNS name etc. Some run failover infrastructure, some have non-public relays. We have tried to factor in an appropriate average of all of these. Our estimation includes all infrastructure - relays, block producers etc.